Sunday, June 29, 2008

44 Years...

I'm happy for Spain.

Winning the Euro Cup after a 44 year trophy draught is an achievement worthy of celebration.

And believe me, all of Spain is celebrating right now.

I remember being in Sevilla with my wife before we were married, had to be at least 10 years ago, and we were staying in some hotel in the heart of town and it was night and suddenly there was this great commotion in the streets down below - cheering and horns honking and shouting because some Spanish soccer team had just won something. Obviously, I wasn't following soccer much at the time, but I remember being impressed by the fans.

And, I really like Spain.

I'm glad Cesc Fabregas experiences this now with his country - he deserves to taste victory for all of his hard work this year.

Sorry for Portugal.
This could have been their year - again.
Need to get over that psychological hump as Spain did, and banish the last soccer demons from the Iberian peninsula.

See you at the World Cup in South Africa in two years...

1 comment: said...

yeah it is pure magic. I never thought spain can achieve this after 44 years