Thursday, October 30, 2008

Shocked and Gutted

I had two thoughts on my way to work this morning:
  1. It's a beautiful, crisp fall morning - the autumn colors are really glowing in this perfect golden morning light.
  2. Arsenal stinks
That's not really fair, Arsenal doesn't stink but they are most definitely suffering from a serious case of "we can't string a couple of wins together for the life of us" syndrome.

I've been following Arsenal for about six years strong now, and I don't believe I've ever lacked belief this early in the season.

To put it plainly, this team doesn't have what it takes to win the Premiership.

The league is simply too tough and unforgiving.

I've been purposely quiet on the matter of Arsenal, silently watching as they've blown teams off the field in Champion's League play and struggled in the Premiership.

Me and Jim were watching the London derby yesterday on the internet and a stuttering webcast is no good way to watch a match, but the shocking result was loud and clear.

After leading 4-2 with less than five minutes to play, the hated Spurs struck back twice in two minutes to tie the game and that's how it ended.


We both made the mistake of commenting on how rock steady Alumnia has been in goal - and then he had his worst game of the season.

We laughed at Van Persie's chicken dance when he finally scored - vaulting Arsenal to a 4-2 lead and surely, without a doubt, putting the match out of reach.


Not with this Arsenal team.

More than ever before, there is a sense of frailty about this squad.

Call it a lack of spine, call it youth, call it naive, call it what you want but it stinks and it just isn't good enough.

Arsenal is broken and the fix requires more than Wenger's formula of tweaking and tinkering.

I haven't been one to jump on the "break the bank" bandwagon, but we've got to get back to a belief in winning and we need steel in defense - now, for next season.

That's right - I want to see us building now for next year because our chances of going all the way with this team and mentality are slim to none.


Shocked and Gutted

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DANNY said...

What's up buddy? It's been a long time getting back to your blog for me. Where do you find the time? You must teach me your tricks.

All I can say is this. Arsenal is in a lot better place than Roma. We haven't won a game in over a month and it doesn't look good moving forward. Totti may retire without even playing another game. His knee is gone and I don't think he'll ever get it back. I just hope the team can accept that and move on. There's some good players on the team but they don't play well together at all. My poor Roma is 2 points from the regulation zone—Can you imagine. So don't feel to bad. It could be worse for Arsenal.