Wednesday, December 3, 2008

One In a Row

So the bright and brilliant Arsenal youth squad finally falls to Barnsley at the cold and unwelcoming pitch at Turf Moor.

"Turf Moor."

Everytime I see it in print, I think of "Darth Maul" from Star Wars.

It sounds like a far away place - home to things dark and sinister.

A place that haunts Nicolas Bendtner and his pink boots at the very least.

Pink boots.

C'mon, Nick.

If you're going to wear pink boots you gotta beat the keeper when presented with a one-on-one opportunity - and you were gifted three!

So our precious kids crash and burn in the Quarterfinals of the Carling Cup.


Not to take anything away from our win at Chelsea over the weekend because it was truly special to witness the fight back at the Bridge.

But we have to win more than one in a row to have a chance.

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