Friday, February 6, 2009

Arsenal - One Game at a Time

Must beat Spurs.

Must beat Spurs.

Must beat Spurs.

I don't care how we do it.

It can be the ugliest win in the history of the sport and I'd cheer it just as I would the most beautiful game ever.

Because a win is all that will do.

High drama, as usual when Arsenal makes the five mile trip across town to face off against their hated North London rivals.

I hope the team feels the same lift from the Arshavin signing that I'm feeling.

I really hope he's a spark and not a distraction.

It will take a dedicated unit to break through and secure a spot in the top four.

If we don't, well, we won't be allowed the honor of playing Champion's League football next season.

It's that simple.

Five points to catch Villa.

We must not look past our Sunday challenge against a buzzing Spurs side, lead by their own savior and sideshow, starring Robbie Keane in a return engagement.

After a lot of talk about a top spot early in the season, the Spurs find themselves fighting for survival at the bottom of the league - like a wounded animal.

It's all going to come down to Mr. Consistent - Adebayor.

As much as I would like to see him on the bench for his recent poor performances, Ade does seem to have a knack for terrorizing Spurs, and I'd much rather see him suddenly break out in an explosion of goals and prove all the haters wrong, even if that means me.

In fact, I'd love that.

Five points to catch Chelsea.

And they look entirely catch-able these days.

The only sure bet looks like old reliable, Manchester United.

So it's up for grabs.

14 games.

As luck would have it, we'll be treated to a Villa vs Chelsea slugfest at the end of the month.

So all we have to do is win.

One of them has to drop points.

And we're right back in it.

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