Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Arsenal Rising

My dad called me last night because he'd been watching tv and caught a bit of Fox Soccer news, he wasn't sure if he'd heard them right–"was Arsenal in fourth place?" he asked.

Last we'd talked a couple of weeks ago, destiny was out of our hands and things were looking pretty bleak.

Since then, it's been some dust-up in the top four, with Villa losing their nerve and games to drop below Arsenal on goals, Hiddink dragging Chelsea back from the dead and Liverpool manhandling Real Madrid in the Champion's League and then stomping Man United in back-to-back games.

I don't want to get carried away here but I like what I've seen in the last two weeks as we battle on three fronts: EPL, Champion's League, and FA Cup.

The return of Walcott and the emergence of Arshavin is one hell of a one-two punch as we head into the home stretch.

The two combined over the weekend to put on a dazzling display of speed, technique and creativity that left the Blackburn Rovers looking completely outclassed and downright foolish.

I also liked Almunia's Lehmann impression as he got fired up over the Rovers increasingly desperate and dangerous play.

I was left smiling from ear to ear and for once this season, feeling like we've got what it takes to go on a run, especially with Fabregas expected to join us for the heavyweight matches against Liverpool, Chelsea, and Man U in the last month.

Gotta feel bad for Bendtner though.
The guy works hard but he's crap in the box.
I only hope that Adebayor feels the Great Dane breathing down his neck for the spot.
I've got very little patience left for Ade, and I'll give him only a couple of games to prove his worth.

There I go, getting carried away and looking ahead.

Today we play a dangerous Hull side in the FA Cup quarters.

Please Bendtner, please find the goal.

Chelsea awaits in the semis...

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