Friday, February 27, 2009

Haight Street Art

I don't think it's quite the outlaw art form that it was when I was a kid but still, much respect for what these graffiti artists bring to the wall.
These pics were sent by my good friend, Tim, who lives in California.
He recently took some time off to enjoy wine country and a trip to Haight Street in San Fransisco, where he snapped these.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Artgig Launches

Here’s a little something to keep you on your toes as we pull the curtain back, a little bit at a time, to show you the range of projects we’ve been working on for the last few months.

Drum roll…

We’re pleased to announce the launch of, a website by Artgig for the good folks at ESL (English as a Second Language) publisher, Vocalis Ltd.

Vocalis came to us some months ago with a need to change the face of their business. Their old website was dated and their business as producers, publishers, and providers of hard copy video educational materials was growing static. But Vocalis had a vision for the future that immediately piqued our interest. – mobile video learning for international ESL markets.

After talking to them about the wild west of mobile video delivery and revenue models, it was clear they’d done their homework.

As traditional U.S. distribution channels were drying up, Vocalis identified a clear growing need for English language training in international markets where few people have home computers but most everyone has a cell phone.

The website is the first phase of the greater vision - step one in getting Vocalis's products and videos online for broader access and purchase.

Of course, they’ve got a CMS behind the scenes to manage all of the content and upload videos themselves. Additionally, they can embed videos straight from YouTube – a nifty way to accelerate the expansion of content offered and a big leap toward becoming a hub for their target market.

Step two is mobile…

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What Arsenal Needs...

Remember how warm and fuzzy it all was, once upon a time?
Will you look at how much fun these guys are having?
Look, there's a young, beaming Fabregas.
And his buddy, Adebayor.
And I think that's Alexander Hleb and little Freddie Ljungberg hugging our Captain for a minute, good old Gilberto Silva.

The year was 2006 - the inaugural year of Arsenal's spanking new Emirates Stadium.

Arsenal was a young, sharp team busting with the promise of unlimited potential.

It was a year where Gilberto would lead the Arsenal kids in a league battle for fourth place after losing the great Henry to injury for most of the season.

Here's how it looked when the smoke cleared:
  1. Man U
  2. Chelsea
  3. Liverpool
  4. Arsenal
  5. Tottenham Hotspur
Gilberto finished the season Arsenal's second highest scorer and he received top honors as Arsenal's Player of the Year.

I remember being really impressed by the way he stepped up and led by example.
Gilberto always struck me as the kind of guy you'd like to play alongside.
He just went about his business and did a damn good job.

In the 2007 season, Gilberto the veteran, would be rewarded for his quiet, steely leadership and loyalty with less playing time to make way for a much younger Mathieu Flamini.

Even more insulting, he was passed over for full team Captaincy in favor of William Gallas.

The writing was on the wall but Gilberto remained loyal, despite being entirely eclipsed by the flame that was Famini.

He finally left Arsenal just last summer in a relatively quiet move to Greek team, Panathinaikos FC. 

The sale flew under the radar, overshadowed by the more spectacular move of, you guessed it, Flamini to AC Milan.

Alexander Hleb would also run for the doors when Barcelona flashed some cash.

And Adebayor had one long leg out the door, flashing his smile for the cameras in his media manipulation to land bigger Arsenal bucks himself.

Now look at us.

Our great playmaker, Fabregas, is injured - out for most of the season.

We're in a fight for fourth again, but something is different.

We want to feel that glow, that promise of something special.

We want to feel like anything is possible.

But we don't.

We don't have a leader.

Today, Gilberto returned to the Emirates, but not for Arsenal.

He made the appearance in a much hyped international friendly match, appearing for his country, Brazil, against the mighty Italy.

By all reports, Gilberto put in a stellar performance,  turning back the clock to anchor the Brazilians, lifting them to a 2-0 victory in a London stadium filled with 60,000 fanatics.

Good for Gilberto.

We could use a guy like him right now.


You may have heard, Australia is burning.
I checked in with Lis over the weekend and she says the closest fires are at the coast - two hours away.
The fire isn't likely to reach her in Canberra, but they're still getting the smoke and she says it smells like a cook-out.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Arsenal - One Game at a Time

Must beat Spurs.

Must beat Spurs.

Must beat Spurs.

I don't care how we do it.

It can be the ugliest win in the history of the sport and I'd cheer it just as I would the most beautiful game ever.

Because a win is all that will do.

High drama, as usual when Arsenal makes the five mile trip across town to face off against their hated North London rivals.

I hope the team feels the same lift from the Arshavin signing that I'm feeling.

I really hope he's a spark and not a distraction.

It will take a dedicated unit to break through and secure a spot in the top four.

If we don't, well, we won't be allowed the honor of playing Champion's League football next season.

It's that simple.

Five points to catch Villa.

We must not look past our Sunday challenge against a buzzing Spurs side, lead by their own savior and sideshow, starring Robbie Keane in a return engagement.

After a lot of talk about a top spot early in the season, the Spurs find themselves fighting for survival at the bottom of the league - like a wounded animal.

It's all going to come down to Mr. Consistent - Adebayor.

As much as I would like to see him on the bench for his recent poor performances, Ade does seem to have a knack for terrorizing Spurs, and I'd much rather see him suddenly break out in an explosion of goals and prove all the haters wrong, even if that means me.

In fact, I'd love that.

Five points to catch Chelsea.

And they look entirely catch-able these days.

The only sure bet looks like old reliable, Manchester United.

So it's up for grabs.

14 games.

As luck would have it, we'll be treated to a Villa vs Chelsea slugfest at the end of the month.

So all we have to do is win.

One of them has to drop points.

And we're right back in it.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Arshavin to Arsenal - the Final Chapter


For those of you Gunners fans who weren't holding your breath (because, you'd be dead and buried and rotten by now), we can finally rejoice in the news that Andrei Arshavin is officially an Arsenal player.

I think we all deserve a round after being dragged through this transfer soap opera like some cruel medieval torture.

We likely won't know the true value of his signing until next season and due to his Cup appearances for Zenit, he can't help us later this month when we face off against Roma in the Champion's League.

But bringing Arshavin to the side should give some of our current sleepwalking stars a much-needed kick in the pants (Adabeyor) and convince our other stars (Cesc, Walcott, Van Persie) that we mean business.

And without question it sends a message to us, the fans - a message from the Arsenal organization that says "we hear you."

Now if only we can get them to address our defensive troubles...

No matter how you slice it, Arshavin is a big ray of light in a stale, desperate dip in the season.

His arrival is bound to be a huge boost for the team and I can't wait to see him on the pitch.

Look out Villa.