Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Deciding On The App Icon...

We really liked this icon but the sheep looks like a hostage
We've reached a critical decision point in the app design process and we need your help.
It's a graphic designers ultimate challenge - how to sell your app in a single image that may be reduced to something that is smaller than a postage stamp, in a sea of miniature postage stamps.

When reduced, the sheep looks less scared but he also looks less like a sheep - too many details are lost
We've got a lot to say about our new early learning app, Drive About: Number Neighborhood, but we can't say it all in the icon - that's what your app description and screenshots are for.
Option 1A has a rolling country feel
1B adds a city vibe in place of the mountains
Do we focus on the driving, and emphasize the quality of the app in a rich illustration (1A and B)?

Option 2A - sometimes less is more
Or, do we simplify and go with a strong profile and underline the math (2A and B)?

2B - color makes the numbers more playful - but harder to read at a smaller size
Which icon would entice you to find out more about the app?

We want to make a decision in the next couple of days so let us know what you think and we'll share the winner with you next week.


Super - Julie said...

Hello ! For me, 1A is the best. is happy to learn you wil release a new app. Great !

Sharon said...

I like 1A as well, but I loved the little guy in your first idea. This icon draws me into the story that makes we want to play the game. Maybe turn him so looking out side or off to side so he is part of the ride vs. being taken to doc for a shot? :)

Love your work. Sharon

Matthew Kicinski said...

Glad you like the icons. We're also partial to the sheep and we really do like him at the largest icon sizes, but he just turns into a little white indistinguishable furball at the smaller icon sizes.

Anonymous said...

I like 1A & 2A. But I also like an icon with a small sheep more than icon without.