Friday, May 30, 2008

Short Week...

The short week is a killer.
Had a really perfect Memorial Day weekend but I've been digging out ever since.
And now there's some kind of a miniature parade marching past on the street below...

I'm determined to post something  this week and maybe I'll find some time over the weekend but for now, I'll just drop a few clues as to what we're up to here at Artgig:

Or rather, what Simon Fisk is up to over at Plunge Records
I just got an email from him announcing a two night CD Release party for "Vague Hotels," June 13 & 14.

He's also planning a live HD video streaming event for both shows - you can catch it at Plunge TV on the Plunge website.
Simon's always got something cooking and he's a real innovator, looking to make a real rich media label out of Plunge.
I also dig the art - most of it comes from the talented Kimberly Wieting @ Gritt Media.

Speaking of innovators, we're talking to some folks now about building mobisites - web video delivery for mobile devices. 

Funny, back when were all at Sunburst Technology, big, bad Vivendi-Universal came in and scooped us up and they had a vision for the future - everything on your cell phone. 
That was like seven or eight years ago and we all thought it was just crazy french talk.
Today, the world of mobile video is still the wild west but it's undeniable - it's coming, just a matter of finding the sweet mix of technology and standards and it's right around the corner.

Here in the US, we're a little behind the technology because we've all got home computers.
In emerging countries, they've skipped the computers and gone right for the phones.
The phone is the computer.

All I want to know is where's my 3G iPhone?

Here comes the band again and they've got bagpipes...

I'm outta here.

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