Saturday, August 23, 2008

43 years...


Fulham just beat Arsenal for only the second time in 43 years.

Note to Arsenal - must get better.

Very little of the beautiful game on display today.

Arsenal is completely flat - lacking in leadership and creativity.

In other words, we're nothing without Fabregas.

Denilson and Eboue?

Sorry, no confidence in either of them.

Eboue is a total flopping joke and Denilson gives the ball away cheaply.

Van Persie?

Van Rusty is more like it.

I'm hoping this loss stings enough to give Wenger the extra push he needs to grab a strong central player before the transfer window closes.

A Man U throwaway just ain't enough to get it done.

We've all learned the hard way that the season is a marathon and there's no need to panic yet - I'd rather they take their time hitting their stride than burn out early.

But they also have to learn to win the "easy" games.

I'll file this one under forget it ever happened.

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