Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dare to believe...

Ade stays.

It's been a noisy summer for the Gunners but things finally seem to be settling down.

I was ready to let Ade go, but I'm happy he's staying - I think his behavior has been questionable over the last month or so, but I think it has more to do with his agent and his departure would have been a blow to the team chemistry ahead of a tough campaign.

I caught parts of both Emirates Cup matches this past weekend, and I think maybe we're not in such bad shape after all.

Suddenly, we've got players like Carlos Vela and Jack Wilshere to look forward to in first team action. Vela looks like he teams well with Bendtner and Jack, at only 16 years old, shows nothing but promise.

Add a healthy Van Persie and a healed Eduardo to the mix and we look deep in attack.

Still issues in the midfield and the back where we lack experience and depth but I'm hoping that one more signing is a proven gem.

We'll need it because Chelsea and Liverpool look stronger and Tottenham could be a threat, especially if they get Arshavin.

And of course, there's always Man U...

Ronaldo has never really caused us much trouble so I'm not sure if it helps if he actually goes to Real Madrid.

Poor Flamini - no Champion's League and just got spanked by Chelsea 5-0 in a friendly Milan will hope to forget.

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