Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Advantage United...

Well the transfer window slammed shut at midnight yesterday and it looks like a long road ahead without reinforcements.

I'm beginnng to think Wenger has his head in the clouds - perhaps our sparkling display against Newcastle came at the wrong time.

Maybe we'd have a new shirt printed right now if we'd lost.

How can he believe we'll be any different from last season while still lacking depth at key positions?

Does he really expect Fabregas to carry this team on his back - again?

We all know if he goes down, the season is over.

Looks like we'll be biting our nails and crossing our fingers until January, at least.

The only good news to come of transfer day is that Man City hijacked the Robinho to Chelsea deal for something like $60 million - three times what he was making at Real Madrid.

What will Chelsea do with all those Robinho shirts they printed?

Suddenly, Man City is the new Chelsea on the block with new owners who are looking to splash the cash.

Word on the street is they want Cristiano Ronaldo next.

Of course, just when I was thinking Man U was also going to miss out on their target, they made some noise - finally signing Dimitar Berbatov in preparation for a world without Ronaldo because it's clear he's moving on after this season.

Advantage United.

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