Friday, January 30, 2009

Arsenal - What Time Is It?

Don't look now, but it's time for our regularly scheduled late season collapse.
Good thing we got a head start this year.

Sure, we didn't lose in a must win game against Everton earlier this week.
But a last gasp wonder goal to secure a draw after looking clueless for most of the match is a long, long way from winning.
It's as if the fog on the field was a physical manifestation of the fog in the teams leadership and communication.
We lack clarity and creativity and every team we play believes they have a chance.

I shudder to think at where we'd be without RVP.
We're hanging by the hairs of his mohawk and the reinforcements can't come soon enough.
My three-year-old son announced the other day that Van Persie was replacing Sagna as his new favorite player.
When pressed, he explained the change was "because Van Persie scores more goals."
As much as I like Sagna, I can't argue - when chasing points, you need goals.

Which brings me to a giant hole in our game plan - Adebayor.
I checked his Premiership stats the other day and he's literally a third of the man he was last season - with only a third of the shots on goal and goals scored.
But most bothersome, is his general attitude and commitment.
After all we've been through, this is not a man who should be caught walking about the pitch and watching balls go by.
I can live with losing when a good, honest days work is put forth - it happens.
But Adebayor quite plainly is taking up space at the moment.
Sure, he's good for the occasional header but I think even big, bumbling Bendtner is a better choice if we're looking for height and physical presence - at least he plays like he's got something to prove.
Or even better, bring on Carlos Vela for a spark.
I just can't take Adebayor anymore.
I say bench him.
Bring his inflated salary and prima donna ego back to earth because his spaghetti leg strikes aren't scaring anyone.

And let's get back to the work of catching Villa.
Beating West Ham this weekend would be a good start.

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