Monday, January 19, 2009

Arshavin to Arsenal?

It was a weekend of last gasp winners from the likes of Man U and Chelsea, who were both lucky to escape their games with maximum points.

We had a scare ourselves in our grudge match against Hull when they equalized in the second half, but we found another gear and I must say we looked quite good in the last ten minutes, scoring twice to turn the dagger for a 3-1 victory.

It's inspiring to see Van Persie finally emerge as the offensive threat we hoped he'd be all along.

I'm not sure what the guy has against goal posts, but he blasts balls at them like they owe him money.

For once, I think Bendtner proved his worth as an impact substitute, coming off the bench to score one on a rumbling give-and-go with Van Persie and he was unlucky not to score again on a powerful header in the final minutes.

The big Dane celebrated his 21st birthday the day before - is it too much to hope he's finally over his kiddie funny hair and boots phase and getting serious about football?

Adebayor looked ten feet tall on his leaping header and he scored just as I was about to chastise another lazy, ineffective performance.

Nasri continues to impress.

With a few more pieces in place we may still have a go at it.

I don't agree with Wenger that we've got all we need in the walking wounded who are set to return, but the thought that Eduardo may join us again in the coming months is enough to generate a real buzz of excitement.

Forget Rosicky.

Maybe we'll see Cesc again before the end of the season but I'm not holding my breath.

Which brings me to the Arshavin question.

I honestly don't know much about him, aside from a few glimpses during the Euro Cup and our reported pursuit of him immediately following.

From what I saw in the Euros, the surprise Russian team looked dangerous all over the pitch.

I was most awed by their powerful long range shooting.

All news reports indicate Arsenal officials are on their way to Russia to complete the deal as I type.

Of course, we all know better than to start counting chickens but I really feel like this deal is a must if we're to challenge for the top four this season.

I watched some Arshavin clips on Youtube yesterday and he looks like the consummate Arsenal player, brimming with skill and creativity to add another dimension to our play - a midfield dimension we've been lacking since Cesc went down.

Of course Arshavin doesn't do anything to plug our defensive holes so I'm hoping Wenger still has another card to play, but the deal, reportedly to be the biggest in Arsenal transfer history, is sure to give us a boost as we look to extend our streak of eight matches without defeat.

With Man City reportedly set to spend $200 million on Kaka it seems silly to quibble over a transfer worth about one tenth of that.

You could nearly field an entire first team of Arshavins for the money Man City is reportedly about to spend.


Hopefully, Arshavin will be wearing our shirt by the end of the week and we can maintain our focus for our FA Cup match against Cardiff City on Sunday.

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