Friday, April 10, 2009

Arsenal - Calling Adebayor...

Earlier in the season, my three-year-old son and I had taken to calling Adebayor "Stinky-bayor."

Later, in this very Arsenal thread, I suggested giving Adebayor away if he didn't shape up quickly when he finally returned from injury. In fact, I think I said I'd only give him a couple of games to prove his worth.

It took him exactly 8 minutes in his return against Man City to score.

And earlier this week in a Champion's League Quarterfinal match in Spain against the dangerous Villareal, we found ourselves backed into a corner, down a goal and pressing, but clearly outplayed in the first half.

Who bailed us out?

Good old stinky, himself.

And it was a beauty.

With the grace of a gazelle,the 6' 3" African stunned not only Villareal, but all who witnessed his incredible bicycle kick, to even the score and take a precious away goal back to London.

MMMMM–these words are tasty.

Believe me, I'm happy to be wrong here.

We've got seven games to play in the EPL, starting away to Wigan this weekend.

Then we meet the yellow submarine in the return at the Emirates on Wednesday.

And then a FA Cup Semifinal showdown with a Chelsea team who is suddenly full of belief after thrashing Liverpool 3-1 at their own hallowed grounds.

All this in the span of a single week.

Yeah, we're hurting - Almunia, Clichy and Gallas are out.

We should get Almunia and Clichy back in a week or two, but Gallas is likely done for the season.

It's a big blow but others are feeling the pain, including Manchester United and Liverpool.

It's looking like a limp to the finish.

We're going to have to dig deep.

We need you Adebayor–do not let us down.

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