Sunday, May 3, 2009

Arsenal: It's a Bird, It's a Plane...

It's Super Manny!

He rescued us in Rome once already this season.
If not for his heroics Wednesday in Man U's "shock and awe" assault on our Champion's League dreams, we'd be dead and buried right now.
Come Tuesday, we'll need Manuel Almunia suited up again in his lime green tights and flowing cape, and at his super-human best if we've any hope of edging United for a return to Rome and a chance to play for all the European marbles.

You just know it's gonna come down to Manny again.
United will come out, guns blazing, same as last time because they can.
Wednesday was so bad, I was thinking last year's 4-0 FA Cup embarrassment all over again.
Silvestre said it felt "like the Alamo."
The shots will come.
Manny just better be ready.

Arsene has said we will see a different Arsenal at home on Tuesday.
With our team further ravaged by injuries to players, we don't have the depth to change the faces on the field.
There's a slim hope that we may see a special guest appearance by RVP, which would certainly be a boost, but his return won't patch our defense.
It will come down to tactics and sheer blood and guts to change our game.

Wenger will no doubt pull Fabregas back in midfield where he can use his vision and creativity to dictate play.
He'll also need a hair trigger in responding to the shape of the game because we simply can't let United gain and hold any further advantage.
Any player on the field who is not giving 100 percent, should be substituted.
That means you, Adebayor.
It's true, you had little help against Ferdinand and Vidic, but you just gotta lay it out there and stick your neck out and get your lazy ass to work.
Bendtner scored two goals yesterday against Portsmouth, and you know he's dying to play.
Vela also scored and he looks hungry.

Our best defense will be our attack.
I'm feeling like we really have to strike first to have a chance.
And then we leave it to Fabregas to pull the strings and Super Manny to cover our ass.
Even in Tuesday's defeat, we showed we can deal with Rooney and Ronaldo.
And credit's gotta go to the kid, Kieran Gibbs, who recovered in the second half, showing great composure for a 19 year-old, after being thrown to the lions.

Speaking of recovery, it must be said that this young team has orchestrated a remarkable comeback late in the season to assure a fourth place EPL finish and Champion's League football next year, and that alone is an accomplishment worthy of praise. Add to that the brilliance of Arshavin, and the prospect of a full strength Arsenal team, and it's enough to get the mouth watering for next year.

And we've still got a puncher's chance to reach the Champion's League Final now, this year.

And our secret weapon–Super Manny.

I'll call it now–3-1 to the Arsenal and I'll see you in Rome.

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