Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Adebayor's hair and the Premiership update

Man U and Chelsea both play today while Arsenal gets some time to think about how it all went so mediocre. I don't think it's too much to ask that they both LOSE! Even better, I hope that the Man U team bus makes a wrong turn and gets horribly lost for the next eight weeks or so, forfeiting all of their remaining PL matches (only to re-surface briefly for their CL matches against Roma because I really want to see that).
I was going to post on this a week ago - here's a good article speculating on how Adebayor's recent haircut is responsible for Arsenal's dip in form.

Also, talk today that Theo Walcott may be called up from the Under-21 squad to play for England against France on March 26.


Anonymous said...

It is very interesting that one should blame the player for chopping off some braids, but not for... what else...maybe not playing 100%?... or maybe having a bad day? Superstitions are big in sports, believe me I know!

curva_sud said...

Roma lost to city rivals Lazio last night. A game they should have won for 3 reasons. 1)Lazio is a shit team, 2) Lazio is a shit team and 3)Lazio is a shit team. Plus Inter tied Genoa so they could have been four points closer to the top but now they are seven.

Roma lost it in extra time—which I'm fine with. They didn't deserve the tie. With Inter playing earlier and Roma already knowing that games outcome, they should have played at the highest level. I can't believe they always f@#k up the easy games.

I'm blaming the loss on Taddei and his lousy haircut.

Man U is shit as well.