Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's over, Johnny...

The match ended only moments ago - Arsenal lost 2-1 and in all probability, any hopes of winning the league are gone as well.
Since I started following Arsenal five years ago, Chelsea has been a constant thorn in our side and today was no different.
Not much else to say except that it was a hard fought battle and it just didn't go our way.
Glad to see Sagna get a goal - he deserves one for his efforts this year.
It's important to remember we weren't supposed to be here at all and we were treated to some fine football along the way.
Maybe now we can shake off the baggage of a grueling season and concentrate on the Champion's League.
A win there would be a massive lift and just the tonic we need to refuel for next season.
And Adebayor can concentrate on growing his hair back.

In other news, Siena is also out in the cold after losing to Villanova 84-72 - a nice story while it lasted.

What's for dinner?

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1979gooner said...

Gutting result. We looked so damn good until they got their dodgy offside goal as well.

People say things even themselves out over seasons, and they are wrong. Things even themselves out over many decaded but not over seasons.

The odd big decisions and the odd unlucky injury to a key player can be the difference between success and failure.

Nice blog by the way.