Wednesday, April 2, 2008

High Noon (at 2:45)

Man U - 2, Roma - 0

Roma fought valiantly without their star player, Francesco Totti, but they wasted too many chances in front of the goal (sound familiar?) and in the end, United was just too strong. I talked to Danny briefly after the match and we think Ronaldo actually adam-appled that ball in for the first goal. He just came flying in from nowhere. Tough to beat.

Arsenal v Liverpool

Arsenal kicks-off a three-match series against Liverpool tonight (today, if you're here in the States).

If Adebayor comes out wearing a wig, I'd pick Arsenal in a flash.
I still say Champion's League is our best chance at glory this season but who knows?
After Bolton, I have to say anything is possible.
Today's match will give us a good idea of where this team is heading.
Liverpool have been on a run lately and they have all the CL experience, blah, blah, blah but I think Arsenal can take them.
If Adebayor and Van Persie can find the net again it will be lights out.
And we have a new not-so-secret weapon in Walcott.
That run down the flank and pass to Van Persie (who promptly flubbed the shot) near the end of the Bolton match was inspired.

Catch-you when the dust settles...

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