Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Never Easy

Fenerbahce (from Turkey) beat Chelsea - 2-1, in Turkey.

Okay, now on to Arsenal v Liverpool...
Was that the fastest CL match ever, or was it me?


That Liverpool away goal looks a little bigger than Arsenal's home goal.
And I thought our side looked physically small against Liverpool - especially when Van Persie left the match.

Quick thoughts:

Great pace to the game - Arsenal dominated for large stretches.

We were unlucky.
  • Bendtner, Bendtner, Bendtner...
  • Hleb had a clear penalty in the box - game over
  • Van Persie - injured again?
Walcott looked scary for a good ten-minute stretch.
Adebayor got back to scoring, with a powerful header.
Toure, I thought looked surprisingly quick on his feet, but I think that was him eating Gerrard's dust on their goal.

Liverpool held tight and will be considered the favorite to advance now - all they have to do is shut Arsenal down when they visit Anfield, "the 12th Man," next week.

Looks like we'll just have to do it a man down...again.

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